Shanghai Weiqing is sincerely invited to participate in the 2021 new retail functional food exchange

2021-11-15 16:14

Adhering to the concept of "in-depth communication promotes promotion and consensus helps development", it aims to promote innovation in the food industry, promote communication in the health industry, and help the development of new food retail and new brands. Shanghai Weiqing Biotechnology Co., Ltd. held the "2021 new retail functional food exchange meeting" on November 26 in cooperation with domestic well-known health functional raw material suppliers.

Relevant matters of the meeting are as follows:

Conference theme:

Interpretation of hot spots, sharing trends, application sharing and technical exchange




Shanghai Weiqing Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Co organizer:

Angel yeast Co., Ltd

Xi'an haisifu Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Yunnan Tianbaohua Biological Resources Development Co., Ltd

Beijing debio Trading Co., Ltd


Meeting time:

Friday, November 26, 2021

13:00-13:30 PM check in


Meeting place:

Company name: Shanghai Weiqing Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Address: Building 2, No. 650, Shunqing Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai


Main contents of the meeting



Enterprises in the health industry and functional food industry


Participation channels

Interested participants should fill in and submit the information online from now until 12:00 on November 26, 2021



Contact: Wang Siyuan 15821777747



Please attend the meeting and its activities on time according to the schedule of the meeting.

during the meeting, please turn the mobile phone to vibration to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting.

please consciously abide by the relevant regulations in public places, and do not spit or litter.

there is no charge for this exchange.

parking is convenient in the park.

Wei Qing

Shanghai Weiqing Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise mainly engaged in functional food ingredients and food additives, specializing in acting and distributing food raw materials and food additives at home and abroad. Our company has formed strategic cooperation with many international famous companies and scientific research institutions for more than ten years, gathered a group of top technology R & D experts, established a good business cooperation relationship, and is the preferred service provider for many well-known food enterprises.





Building 2, No. 650, Shunqing Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai